The Man in the Fringe Castle

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I’ve been asked a few times, “what happened to the PEM Writer’s Circle on Blogger?
I did put it aside and, to those who enjoyed it, I’m sorry for the delay in getting it up and running again. Unfortunately, the Blogger version had problems. I’m not sure what Google had in mind when they pulled the apps and made it near impossible to access the Blogger accounts from any browser.
Solution; Hello, WordPress!
So, here we are in new year, full of P&V and eager to tap out a tale.
I watched an Episode of “The Man in the High Castle” the other day. If you haven’t seen, or read, the story, it’s basically an alternate-reality tale where the Nazi’s and the Japanese have won the war and the United States is a very different land. Somehow, filmed communications from an alternate universe, where the Allies have won the war, are making their way to this Nazi-Japanese controlled universe.
It got me thinking about Altered Universes. There have been a a lot of great stories rooted in this idea. There was even a TV show, called the FRINGE, that was all about this sort of thing.Comic book universes survive generation after generation relying on this same concept. The Superman Origin Story begins again on “another Earth” and we see the hero’s path unfold in a slightly different way.
Not surprisingly, the Star Trek franchise was re-booted using this device.
Then there is the “Mandela Effect.” Have you heard of this? The name of the theory comes from the fact that many people around the world are convinced they remember Nelson Mandela dying while still in prison in the 80’s. It is one of many collective false memories. Some believe they have detected a parallel universe or after effect of time travel interference. Or is it just their memory playing tricks on them? There are large groups of people swearing up and down that some significant event occurred but now, there is no evidence that it did.
So… it’s 2017. Is all as it should be?
Do you feel something shifted?
Do you have a feeling in your gut that our direction was somehow altered?
Did history unfold in completely different way in some Fringe Universe?

Your task, if you choose to accept it: Write a brief Newspaper style report that represents an event that occurred in our alternate Fringe Universe.

Have Fun
Play Safe
Come Home Happy



Greetings from P.E. Musik

Artist, Author, illustrator, P.E. Musik, young adult books


I’m the author/illustrator/instructor P.E. Musik and this is my personal blog.

In this little corner of the web, I will be sharing my adventures in writing and illustrating as well as thoughts on art, music and instruction.

I’ll use this space to share sketches of my work, links to short stories and other related blogs. I’ll also post some lessons and challenges for my fellow artists and students.

I plan to keep this blog site family-friendly, so please keep this in mind when posting any comments.

See you soon!

P.E. Musik

P.E. Musik

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