PEM Writer’s Circle(Update)

Prompts, Writer's Circle

After the collapse of the Blogger Site, the PEM Writer’s Circle is planning a new home here at WordPress.

If all goes well, each week a new prompt will be offered.

Fellow writers can post responses to the prompt here and comment (politely) on the work of contributing authors.

Stay Tuned!

P.E. Musik

2 thoughts on “PEM Writer’s Circle(Update)

  1. I did post my story but under the wrong part of your site. So here it is in its proper place.

    I awoke with a scream. My heart pounding, face covered with sweat. As I gained control once more, I realized it happened again; the dream. Rolling over, I flicked on the light switch of the lamp standing on the nightstand. It couldn’t be real could it? That article, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Strange thing is I don’t even read the newspaper but this morning I found one sitting on the stoop just outside my door.

    Leaning down I picked up the paper folded over and opened it to the feature story on the front page. At first I thought it some elaborate fiction done up by somebody with an overactive imagination. But the typeface and feel of the newspaper itself felt genuine. Still, as I continued to read the words they made sense and I had the feeling that I actually lived the experiences depicted in the story.
    I went back to the kitchen and picked up the newspaper lying there on the table. Though the hour is late and I’m not certain of anything anymore I read the article once more. It’s bold printed title staring back at me once more,

    “Maxwell Powers Stronghold on Washington Continues”

    “Once more to the astonishment of those in politics and the demolishing criticism from the media, Maxwell Powers became President of the United States this morning at 11:09 AM Standard Eastern Time.

    His campaign based largely on one liners depicting absolute immorality and skepticism became America’s 51st president today. Both parties populating congress have vowed to fight with every fiber of their being to shoot down any policy President Powers initiates. Yet to this point everything Powers has either said or done has come to pass with little resistance and much to the delight of the President.

    Mr. Powers summited to congress his agenda for his first hundred days of office. This document includes such stunning revelations as his unconventional reforms of social security, healthcare, and job reform. Also on his list are the complete reorganization of FEMA, CIA, FBI, ATF and complete abolition of the second amendment. To this point all that apposed the President have since recanted their objections and completely signed on backing every one of his proposals.

    It appears that neither party no matter their stance on any of his policies sooner or later conforms.”

    I put down the paper and then went to the front window of my house. Looking out at the street I saw the same old suburbia I’d seen for the last ten years stare back at me. I scratched my head wondering what the hell is really happening.

    I awoke with a scream. My heart pounding, face covered with sweat. The bedroom light suddenly came on as looked around at the President’s suite in the Whitehouse. Marie sat up with me and held me tightly.

    “Maxwell, are you alright?”

    I could read the concern in her eyes and wanted to assure her things were fine. After all I had made it this far, past a bitterly fought election, and into my first Presidential term. I still had a lot of work to do and didn’t want her to think a silly dream would keep me from doing it.

    “It’s nothing dear just some silly dream I keep having.”

    “What is your dream about?”

    I laughed and reassured her that all was well with my reply. I reached over and clicked the lights off again as we both lay back down to a restful night.

    “That I was just some mindless cog living in suburbia who never got involved.”

    She smiled in the darkness while lying next to me as I let sleep take me once more with her final commentary.

    “I’ll cancel the subscription to the newspaper. You’ve got to stop reading what the media says about you.”

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