About P.E. Musik

Author P.E. Musik is a cartoonist, singer/songwriter and film-maker who lives in New York.

With a passion rooted in the classic sci-fi film serials of the 30’s and 40’s, P.E. Musik created the world of Brightbuckle. Two books have been released:

Brightbuckle: A novel where, like the old serials, each chapter is it’s own adventure
Brightbuckle Holiday: A single “Special Edition” Brightbuckle adventure that takes place during the Winter Holiday Season.

Recently released:
Speegeltog: The Bully, The Dinosaur & The Fart Machine: A new Chapter Novel in the Brightbuckle series featuring a fan-favorite character.

Coming soon:
Boxletter: A new Brightbuckle Adventure featuring Molly Brightbuckle’s Best Friend George.

P.E. Musik, a student of the late, great Will Eisner, also created the illustrations for each book.

Additional illustrations, fan art, news, personal appearances, video and links to Buster Brightbuckle’s blog can be found at http://www.Brightbuckle.com.

Here’s what Writer’s Digest has to say about “Speegeltog”:

* “(Speegeltog) is realistic and funny, a likeable narrator we come to care about quickly…”
* “…a fresh voice in the YA book world…”
* “… smart, sarcastic, and confident..”
* “A great character for YA readers to connect with…”
* “(The Illustrations) are excellent, vivid, conveying movement..”
* “The author’s rendering (of Bullies) is spot-on…”
* “…beyond excellent…. Physical descriptions of the characters are nuanced and creative…”
-Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards


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